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Easy to Use, Saves Times and Increases Profit

A great hotel property management system should:

  • Save you time
  • Help you earn more money 
  • Keep your guests happy
  • Be All-Inclusive
  • Easy to Use
  • Include 24/7 support and Free Training

With innRoad, you save time because you only have to access one system in order to manage everything with your property: reservations, housekeeping & maintenance, global distributions, offers, bookings, everything is accessible in one screen with innRoad. No more questions about what systems are talking to what other systems, because they are all one, and they all speak the same language.

With the innRoad Booking Engine and integrated Distribution abilities, you can take advantage of changes in the market and make sure you meet your booking goals every night.

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innRoad is so easy to use. It's like having another employee!"

Steve Slotadovich
CEO, SolVen Hospitality