Abbington Green

Asheville, NC

Why do you deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotel of the year?

Owning our B&B has been a dream in the making for the last 15 years. We realized our dream in 2014, at the end of September, when we bought Abbington Green. Since owning the property, we have continually made updates and upgrades, while still adhering to the historic nature of our home, which was built by the lead architect on the Biltmore Estate here in Asheville, NC. Everything upgrade has been done with our guests in mind. This year we hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for our guests, and instituted a 5pm Social Hour that, as a result, many B&Bs in the area have now implemented, and we have improved our occupancy over the comparative year by 46%.  We love our property and can't wait to own it for years and years to come! Guest Comments:

“Our guests mention the little things that we enjoy doing---catering to dietary requests at our multi course, sit down breakfasts with ease. Creating camaraderie at the breakfast table and also at our 5pm Social Hour. They say that our breakfasts are imaginative and delicious, our Social Hours are lively and a great chance to catch up with other guests. We send out a small pre-arrival questionnaire that allows us to know about anything our guests are celebrating, and we have cards and chocolates waiting for them, as well as any other requests they've made such as flowers, champagne, cupcakes...anything!  We have 3 dog friendly suites, and when the canine guest checks in we have a personalized note from our dog to theirs, home baked treats, a dog toy and bowls and beds for them to use while they are visiting. We have a personal relationship with a few restaurants and can secure reservations for our guests. We have two mottos that we live by here..."Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends," and "What I Love Most About My House is Who I Share it With,” we truly believe and live them both every day!”

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Roux Provincetown

Provincetown, MA

Why do you deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotel of the year?

Roux Provincetown is an amazing turnaround story with our first full year of operations resulting in a 640% increase in revenue over the previous owner's results - and culminating in being named by Boston Magazine as Best of Boston's 2015 Best Inn - Cape Cod - after only one year of operating!

Our occupancy rates and average room rates have soared and blown away our start-up plans. We have a hearty social media presence on Facebook (1,148 followers), Twitter (948 followers) and Instagram (388 followers) and, as of this writing Roux is #2 of 70 Bed and Breakfasts in Provincetown.

How did we get here - all within one year? Pure passion. A crystal clear vision. An instinctual sense for a story, a nose for ‘an experience’ and backgrounds that combine decades in retail, marketing, hospitality, start-ups and turn-arounds.

If anyone could jump into a dream - it was us. We left everything we knew - corporate life, friends, family, properties - all to be situated here in this very special space on the planet called Provincetown.

The Guest Experience began long before the first Guests arrived. Every element was designed with them in mind. The colors are vibrant. The decor is playful and eclectic. There’s a rich, sensual vibe. Curated playlists - from breakfast jazz, Sunday morning classical to a club vibe in the evenings. Our personal collection of art, as well as the pieces on loan from several local artists, are a unique confluence of flair, color, drama and whimsy.

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Noble Inn

Minot, ND

Why do you deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotel of the year?

3 Years ago the Noble Inn opened as an Independent hotel in one of the fastest growing markets in the country.   To be ahead of our branded competition in ADR, occupancy while also receiving many top honors in a short period is a testament of our success.   2015 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award (1st TCA for any hotel in North Dakota) #10 Bargain Hotel US 2015 Expedia Insiders Select Award 2015 Winner TripAdvisor Certificate of Achievement 2015 Hotels.Com Outstanding Reviews Award 2015 Certificate of Excellence (Notification received) 2014 Winner TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014 Booking.Com Certificate of Excellence  #1 in reviews in Minot for almost three years running #1 in reviews in North Dakota since January 15  Top 3 in all travel agency websites for Customer Satisfaction Scores.
Guest Comments:

Each day we get asked if we plan on expanding our product because our guests think we are doing such a great job.  Our guests complement us the most on our helpful, courteous and attentive staff.  Our European style decor. Cleanliness of the hotel and rooms.   TripAdvisor Reviews - 95.5% - 288 Reviews - 9.6/10 - 103 Reviews Expedia - 4.8/5  - 187 Reviews  Trivago - 95/100 - 751 Reviews The positive reviews of our customers demonstrates that for a new independent hotel we are excelling at providing a true guest experience that guests take away having a trip to Minot to remember. 

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Kenny's Tipperary Inn

Montauk, NY

Why do you deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotel of the year?

As a smaller Hotel/Resort we admittedly cannot compete with all the services that the largest beach front cooperative hotels have, because although they are operated as a normal hotel, they are owned by individual owners who contribute tens of thousands of dollars a year towards maintenance and service. These cooperatives operate in the same exact manner as our Mom/Pop hotel without the luxury of the hundreds of thousands of dollars of maintenance money.

We make up for this by giving our guests the upmost courtesy and respect, top décor, excellent bedding and overall general services. We are very proud to have received, The Trip Advisor "Certificate of Excellency Award" based upon customer satisfaction for the past five years in a row, this in itself should speak for itself. We have maintained a 4.5 plus star rating on trip advisor over the past five years. Our resort inn located at the entrance to the harbor is at the hub of the better restaurants and all water sports in Montauk.
For the past five years, we have been consistent in maintaining that 4.5 plus star average for customer satisfaction, being rated usually 4 or 5 in Trip Advisor hotel ratings, without the hundreds of thousands of dollars "of owner" maintenance fees that is spent on landscaping, maintenance and services, we still compete and are usually rated higher than the majority of these owner rented co ops while being forced to compete with a lot less of a capital budget.

We achieved this by having weekly staff meetings with the emphasis placed on customer satisfaction, cleanliness, with a vast friendly knowledge of the entire general area. The vast majority of our guests leave our resort very happy, satisfied while making new reservations for the following year.

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The 2015 North American Independent Hotel Award Winner is

the Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn of Asheville, NC


Jeff Hunter

Harborview Inn
Garibaldi, OR

Why does Jeff deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotelier of the Year?

"Jeff runs this place more like a New England bed and breakfast than a hotel on the bay. He takes his guests on free clamming excursions and offered all the necessary equipment and instruction to collect our limits. So much fun and super informative!! What hotel manager does that? Just the fact that so many here on yelp know his name and speak so well of him speaks volumes. When was the last time you knew your hotel managers name? The rooms are super cute and have so many small details that let you know they have thought of everything! For example, the rooms come with coffee, fridge, microwave, hair dryer. Also amazing  extra things like a fold up chair to bring outside and watch the sunset, make up remover pads and even ear plugs for the light sleepers!... This guy knows how to run a hotel and knows how to make his guest welcome and comfortable.”

Michael Casper

Private Hotel + Pure Food
Ithaca, NY

Why does Michael deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotelier of the Year?

Michael was formally trained as a chef in NYC's "Little Italy" in the 1960's and resided in the Gramercy Park Hotel where he worked in exchange for a room in the early 1970's. The concept of Private Hotel + Pure Food started after having lived in Haiti in the later part of the 1970's. Michael’s friend, French entrepreneur Olivier Coquelin, opened Habitation Leclerc in Martissant, Haiti where it became renowned as one of the best international resorts in the world, catering particularly to the affluent jet set crowd and patrons that included members of the Kennedy family, European nobility, and famous rock stars such as Mick Jagger. Bringing memories of the time he spent there back to America, Michael has been working on this extraordinary Ithaca, NY property for the past 13 years, taking the ambience of Habitation Leclerc and adding his own special twist, such as museum quality treasures from his personal world adventures and travels (i.e., dinosaur skeletons, meteorites, huge mineral specimens, fossils, historical and pre-historical artifacts and surrealist art). Finally in 2012 Michael opened the doors where the guest is king, the "Gold Standard of Hospitality" is practiced to a "T"; the rest is hotelier history.


Marnie Guillion

Honey Creek Resort
Moravia, IA

Why does Marnie deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotelier of the Year?

Marnie not only helps in every department that needs it but she is a one of a kind manager. Her coaching skills and life encouragements have created a wonderful work environment for her employees. She has a goal for each of her employees that she hires.  She teaches them and gives them life skills that will help their carrers grow in any direction they want to take it, whether that means here at the resort or at another facility. Her entire staff is a close knit working machine and each of her employees jump at the chance to help in any situation. She has passion for her position, her employees and what this resort stands for. She leads by example and would never ask an employee to do something she is not willing to do or hasn't done before.

Marnie goes above and beyond every day for our guests such as, driving an hour to purchase special lotion, washing bed sheets and towels in a hypoallergenic detergent at the last moments notice so that a young boy would not have a deadly reaction during his stay and personally donated to a Make-A-Wish guest and her entire family. Marnie always puts others before herself; she is truly a wonderful person and great leader, we are proud to have her as a core employee that allows her passion to shine through others.

Madeline Pickens

Mustang Monument
Wells, NV

Why does Madeline deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotelier of the Year?

Madeleine Pickens is a perfect host, gentle, kind, always on hand, and willing to share the story of her incredible journey to rescue vulnerable wild horses in the USA. Madeleine’s attention to detail is second to none, her rooms and suites are impeccably designed, a perfect combination of super- luxe and cowboy glamour, and this continues to the guest experience and gastronomy. Standards and service are imperative to success and values we hold dear. 


Tim Columbus

Birchwood Inn
St. Petersburg, FL

Why does Tim deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotelier of the Year?

All of the employees at the hotel go above and beyond the normal call of duty. This all begins with our Hotel Manager, Tim Columbus. At the young age of 25, Tim has already surpassed expectations. He constantly goes out of his way to make the guest's stay extraordinary. Whether he is personally checking guests in and escorting them to the rooms or taking guests clothes out for dry cleaning, Tim offers the epitome of customer service. Since taking over management of the hotel, Tim has implemented several new policies to enhance the guests experience from turn down service, to personalized notes for special occasions, and even offering snack baskets in the rooms for those late night cravings. Not to mention a sharp increase in hotel sales over the past year. Tim may be young in his age but his dedication and work ethic make him wise beyond his years and an invaluable member of our team

Rachelle Allen

Hotel UMass
Amherst, MA

Why does Rachelle deserve to be the 2015 Independent Hotelier of the Year?

Through Rachelle’s 20+ years of service to Hotel UMass, she most closely personifies everything that was described in the first question. Having started at Hotel UMass as a front desk associate, she worked her way to becoming Reservations Supervisor, and ultimately Hotel Assistant Manager. She has proven to the thousands of students that we have employed that hard work and consistence in service will take you to whatever heights you wish to achieve within this industry. She knows hundreds of our guests by name and is always welcoming them with a warm smile and hug upon their return to their home away from home.

One specific example of this from this past year would be when we had a current student staying with us due to an illness. After the student and their family’s repeated attempts at working with their Residence Director fell on deaf ears, they reached out to Rachelle and the team at Hotel UMass. The student’s family was from California, and was unable to make the trip across the country to tend to their child. Due to the relationship that the family had built with Rachelle, they knew they would be in good hands. During the stay, Rachelle would bring the guest soup, food, and anything else that they needed to promote a speedy recovery. This is just one example of the type of service and care that she expects all guests of our hotel to experience.



The 2015 North American Independent Hotelier is
Rachelle Allen of the Hotel UMass

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